Emigrating to Vancouver

So, let’s start with the Big Question everyone asks – “Why Canada?”  Before we left England, I usually replied “We are not emigrating to Canada; 99% of Canada is completely uninhabitable.  We are emigrating to Vancouver because it scored highly in the Best Places in the World To Live survey (Mercer), we want an adventure, England is going to the dogs, we want to see whales, climb mountains in summer and ski down them in the winter – so many reasons”.

We arrived on a freezing March evening and staggered from our downtown hotel apartment on our first morning into the coldest wind we had ever felt.  We walked to the end of the street, looked north across Lost Lagoon to the snow covered mountains and breathed in the freshest, cleanest air we had ever tasted.  From that moment on, whenever anyone asked “Why Canada?” we simply replied “Have you SEEN it? Where else would we want to be?”  We are well and truly in love with our new home.  

We were right about some things, and utterly wrong about others.  We have been surprised at how quickly we have got used to some of the differences, and how slowly the kids are picking up Canadian accents.  Over the pages of this website, we aim to give you some ideas, steer you to useful resources and answer some of your questions.  Mostly, if you are set on this crazy course called emigration, we aim to give you hope that you can achieve it!


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