Days of Wonder

There are days when the rain stops, the sky clears and the whole world jumps to its feet in celebration.  Today was one of those days.  I drove to work as the horizon lightened and the mountains of Washington came into clear silhouette.  The sun started to rise behind Mount Baker, which looks like a giant white meringue at this time of year.  The sky blazed gold as I crossed the Alex Fraser Bridge and I looked in my rear view mirror at the glittering reflections off the skyscrapers downtown and the fresh white slopes of the ski mountains behind.  In Delta it was “Mad Bird Day”, a rare occurrence when the clear sky and the fresh breeze stirs up every seagull, crow, pigeon and starling to join a mad swirling crowd and buzz around the fields and farms.  They are watched by the Annual Gathering Of The Eagles – every tree lining the Ladner Trunk Road has at least one Bald Eagle, and the beautiful maple by the East Delta Hall had 5 fully grown dignitaries staring solemnly at the sunrise, just waiting for someone with a good camera to take the photo of the year.  Of course, I didn’t have mine with me, so I’ll have to decorate this post with a photo taken during the crazy snow year of 2008/2009.

Bald eagles in Delta

Days like these make up for the grey ones, make our hearts lift and set us up for the returning rains.  We know it won’t be long before the sun comes out again.



    1. Thank you, Iota. I can’t take credit for the eagles, but the header is from Burnaby Mountain on an exceptionally clear day. Now I know I have a reader, I’m going to have to think of something else to write – pressure!

  1. So this is what a blog looks like. I always thought it was some kind of robot, a cross between a bloke and a trog. Now I know better. No bald eagles here though. Glad your landscape is so spectacular-it was what I was thinking as we drove into Alresford yesterday and we could see for miles. Having ones’ eyes opened after winter is an essential. Love GT

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