The Burnaby Coffee Party

No Taxation Without Representation! Or The Coffee Gets It...

As a new immigrant you should be aware that you will be taxed.  You will be taxed when you finally get a job, when you shop, when you fill the car and when you sneeze.  You will be taxed by the Canadian Government, the Provincial Government, the old lady who lives down the road, her dog, her dog’s friend and you will also have to pay an exorbitant fee every year so that someone can help you through the minefield of the annual tax return so that you can pay a bit more tax.  And you’ll pay tax on the exorbitant fee.

You should also be aware that, when the excitement of the Federal Election or the Provincial Election rolls around (slightly overshadowed at this time by the Royal Wedding and the death of Osama Bin Laden), you will not be allowed to vote unless you have been paying the taxes for 3 years and paid the fee to become a Canadian citizen.  I seem to remember from history lessons that a similar gripe lead to a certain Tea Party in Boston.

If you need me, I’ll be in Starbucks, loading up the coffee sacks and driving them to the Burrard Inlet to tip them in, whilst shouting “No Taxation Without Representation!!”  I’ll do it as soon as I’ve finished this latte and scone….


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