Back from England!!!

Today’s post is provided by our guest writer, Katie…

We’re back and we’re feeling better than ever! (by the way I’m watching the hockey as I do this, once you settle in you start craving hockey. GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!) Once again we’ve arrived in a limo. England was awesome! I got to see my two English friends, a whole bunch of relatives and nearly all of the places I’ve been to in England before!

I’m 10 years old now, and I’ve grown ever so slightly since we arrived. And now I also dislike change a lot less now, because I know that change is good and necessary, and if you miss the old thing too much then you can try or do that old thing again.  I miss running around on Bournemouth Beach at the weekend and body boarding in the summer, and I miss my friends Lucia, Ellie, Kacey and Jay; but when we went back to England I met my friends on the beach and we had loads of fun running around and chasing pigeons.

When we came back to Canada it was just like going back to England, because all my friends were here and glad to have me back again.  I hope everyone else emigrating to Canada likes it here as much as I do!!!

PS:  Canucks Won!!!  🙂


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