Spot The Weirdo

Man does naked yoga* in a public park ... no, seriously

Today we played Spot The Weirdo.  It was Katie’s idea.  We had decided to finally visit Kitsilano Beach to see what all the fuss was about, and it was a hot Saturday in July, so of course the place was absolutely packed.  My English subconscious came to the fore (not helped by the fact that my parents are staying with us, so the Englishness is always a little close to the surface), and I started huffing and puffing and worrying about where we would sit, and how clean the sand was, and whether there would be One Way signs in the washroom (see Don’t Do That).  We found a table at The Boathouse beach grill, ordered fish and chips and sat in the warm sun, just people watching.  After a while, Katie said “There should be a group of people who are called Weirdo Watch, and they should take pictures of all the weirdos they see and make a gallery with all the pictures and some video, and stuff.”  So we started looking for Weirdos for our gallery.

Wouldn’t you just know it? Every single person on Kits beach today was beautiful.  I mean, normally Vancouver can give you some satisfaction with a couple of nutters on each corner, someone on a penny farthing, at least a few stellar beards, someone in those crazy gorilla feet running shoes – maybe not weirdos, but close enough.  Today was officially Beautiful People On The Beach day.  We strolled along the prom, watching beach volleyball (the guys made Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer in Top Gun look like pasty wimps), admiring the cutest babies out with their dazzling dads and yummy mummys, loving the cool old people on their benches… honestly, not a weirdo in sight.  Katie was very disappointed.  Tomorrow we’ll go to Walmart.

Sorry, I should probably make this post a bit more useful to those emigrating to BC.  Kits Beach is a lovely place, suited for the 20-30 year olds who like to hang out, see and be seen, and for those of us who just enjoy watching beach volleyball.

* OK, he was wearing flesh coloured  briefs, but I needed my extreme zoom to realise that.


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