Here Be Whales!

Here be Whales!

Where did the summer holidays go?  We were looking forward to it so much – 10 weeks of lazy days and slow starts, picnics and barbeques and camping, and now it’s nearly over.  This was our third summer in Vancouver; our first year the older girls started school in April and finished in June, and neither Dim or I were working until late August so we had a blast.  The following year we joined the ranks of Happy Campers, booking the girls into a few activity camps, including their first residential.  This year, with both of us working Monday to Friday, we went a bit overboard, with the result that the girls are more tired than they were when they broke up; karate camp, riding camp, day camp, science camp, not to mention the cost.  I guess we’ll learn to balance it next year and give them a few days off.

One of the highlights for me was a whale watching trip from Steveston, Richmond.  Despite the rough start crossing the Gulf to the San Juan Islands (too rough to pour and drink a coffee – barbaric!), when we arrived at the Islands, the sea was like a millpond.  We joined the ranks of tourist boats watching a superpod of 40-50 orcas, fishing for Chinook salmon, and we watched for nearly an hour as they popped up, dived, played and fished.  We live in a truly fabulous place, and I have never felt so lucky.

We took the trip with Seabreeze Adventures who also do river trips looking for seals and sealions.


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