I Love Denman Street

Amazeing* Laughter sculpture at Denman and Beach

When we first moved to Vancouver, we lived in an apartment at Rosellen Suites on Barclay, just off Denman Street, and during that first, cold, wet, bewildering month, we were often on Denman doing our grocery shopping, opening bank accounts or just looking for a warm dry place to stop and think.

Today we were back there, doing one of our favourite things – just hanging out at English Bay and Second Beach, and enjoying the crazy bustle of the Street.  In the sun, Denman is so colourful it is sometimes hard to take it all in.  The restaurants and cafes are so many and so inviting, I can never choose where to go and there are bike hire shops and book shops and art shops and cupcake shops and shops that really don’t seem able to decide what they are, not to mention crowds and crowds of people of all types.  There is a library and a community centre, which gives you a good idea that this is a nice place to live too.

As we drove home along Denman I realized that many of our key places in Vancouver, the ones that bring those first memories back, also remind me of my confusion and frustration in those days, and the panic bubbling just beneath the surface, but Denman Street felt, and still feels, well, comforting.  That sounds a bit strange for a bustling trendy tourist zone, but that was our experience and that is why, when I have saved up enough, my retirement plan is to move to English Bay and spend my days in Stanley Park, on the beach and trying out every single restaurant on the Street!


*this is not a spelling mistake, it really is spelled Amazeing, honest



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