What I Did On My Summer Holidays…

Once I was going to write a blog about seasons, and how lovely it is to live in a country with some.  Then the weather went screwy, it rained for 6 months solid, and I thought I’d better keep quiet.  But the sun came out in July, just as the school holidays started, and we had 2 solid months of really hot sun, long days and warm nights.  The west coast is breezy and fresh, never humid, and there is always water to head to if the heat becomes too much.  Today the rain returned, for the first time since July 22nd, and I wanted to reflect on our lovely summer.  So, this is what we did during our summer holidays…

Dinner by the fire at Deception Pass, WA

Tie-dyeing teeshirts at the Township 7 Winery

Raccoon hats and strange machines at Fort Langley

A free Vancouver Symphony Orchestra concert at Deer Lake

Swimming and jumping off the dock and more swimming everywhere there was water….

Beachcombing at Porteau Cove

Sailing School at Port Moody

And enjoying our garden as it grew, and grew and grew!

What did you do this summer?



  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I would love to learn to sail. Some of my favourite books are Arthur Ransome’s “Swallows and Amazons”. Ever since I read my first one, I’ve wanted to try my hand at sailing!

    We’ll be doing our landing in Vancouver in November. Probably not the best time of the year, but it’s the only time that suits us as a family. We’ll be returning to South Africa to let the two eldest finish their last exams in May/June and we’ll see from there…

    1. There are plenty of opportunities to learn to sail, in many different sizes of boats, and some real live Swallows and Amazons islands to explore! The real trend now is Stand Up Paddling – looks like fun. Let me know when you have some dates and we’ll arrange to meet up if you like.

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