About Us

Who are we?

We are the Traslers, a family of five plus dog and cat, who live in Coquitlam just outside Vancouver in British Columbia.  The five humans are: Jools (too old for rollerblading), Damian (too young to know he is too old for rollerblading), Laurel (15, the world’s greatest Dr Who fan), Katie (12, Jedi padawan) and Lily (9, too old to be called “The Baby”).

Why start a blog?

When we emigrated from the UK in March 2009 we were greatly assisted by some lovely people and at the same time astonished by the lack of information available to us.  Much of what we did before and after we arrived was based on guesswork and pure luck.  By starting this blog we hope to share some of the things we have learned about emigrating with a young family, offer some links to our favourite “helpers” and perhaps even open some discussions with some real, live people.

Of course, our views are based on our experience, which may be very different to yours.  Where possible, we will verify our facts but mostly this blog is made up of our opinions gathered from our time in Vancouver.


Moose, a dog of dubious parentage but lovable all the same


  1. I’ve just found your blog, and we’re (hopefully) on our way to Canada from South Africa. Vancouver is our first choice of destination, but who knows where we’ll land up?! just for good measure, and to learn as much as I can, I’ll be following your blog.

  2. Hi, we are a family of 6, and became BC Residents last November, at the moment we are still in Ireland…are we crazy not to make the move? My husband works for HP and I am an Art Tutor working with people who have disabilities. Our three younger kids would travel with us…13, 9 and 8. Need some advise on jobs

  3. Hi Helen, welcome to the blog! Not moving at the beginning of the winter may have been a wise choice – Vancouver is not at its most welcoming in the rain, but spring is nearly here. There are lots of IT companies centred around Burnaby, and downtown – can your husband get a transfer? All the municipalities offer programs for people with disabilities and there are many organizations and charities – networking is key in job hunting here, so any contact you can make with them will be helpful. Most jobs are posted on internet sites like Monster, Craigslist, Workopolis and BCJobs, and there are lots of recruiting agencies who helped me when I arrived. The agencies will help “Canadianize” your resumes. Keep in touch and let us know what progress you make – I’ll see if I can come up with anything else at this end!

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