Katie’s Page

Katie is 9 years old and has found our peripatetic lifestyle difficult to cope with at times.  She was most resistant to the move, but has settled well.

Moving to Canada was a huge change in life for me (and I don’t like changes very much) because it was leaving behind all the friends who I had made and all the people I knew for a home I’d never lived in before, a school I’d never heard of and a whole country of people I didn’t know. Now I have tons of friends (and one them is English as well), a house that I know amazingly well, an absolutely wonderful school (called Stoney Creek Community School) and plus, a beautiful, amazing creek!!!

The night we arrived in Canada most of the snow was gone so there was only a few patches here and there, but that was enough to amaze all five of us. When we got out of the airport we couldn’t find a taxi to take us to the hotel we were going to stay at, but we found a limo and asked the driver to take us to the hotel. That’s how we arrived at the hotel all tired, one of my sisters feeling really groggy, all of us with jet lag, in a limo. 

What I like:  All kinds of dogs, hamsters, roast potatoes, “Imagine that” games, Star Wars, blue, Christmas Day/Eve, arts and crafts, making something really messy just so I can see how different it looks once I’ve cleaned it all up again.

What I dislike:  Baked beans, non cooked broccoli, burned toast, my little sister messing up the desk in the room we share, my big sister telling us not to go into her room then coming straight into me and Lily’s room without knocking.


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