Laurel’s Page

I miss Doctor Who!

Hey there! My name is Laurel. I am 12 years old and…Oh, what the heck. You don’t need to know about me! That’s all boring stuff. Anyway, you’ll probably want to know what it’s like here in Canada. Ok then!

The Beginning

This all started years ago when I was about 3. Mum and Dad thought occasionally about moving to Canada, you know, a sort of….Off hand, never-going- to-happen thought. But then as we kept moving around England, they thought more and more about it, and THEN they thought ‘ oh what the heck!’ and signed all the necessary papers. It was only in our last house in England, when I was 10 that the form arrived in the post at our house telling us we could go ahead and moved to Canada! It was fantastic! We had a huge party we were so happy! Then we told everyone and moved around England saying last farewells and then we flew to Canada and got a house and everything is dinky-dory and now we have waffles for breakfast! (That’s the best part!)

 Schools, houses and boring stuff 

Of course, I guess it wasn’t all dinky-dory. There was the matter of finding a good school. I suppose Mum has all of THAT information on HER page, so I won’t spend forever talking about that.

Just like starting at any new school, my sisters and I felt nervous. Maybe a bit more so than usual but not much. On the tour of the school Mum and Dad had found for us, Stoney Creek Community School, we found out that most Canadian schools wore normal clothes everyday! EVERYDAY! That may not be so amazing to those of you who have always worn mufti to school, but to us it was a miracle! We had spent our whole lives wearing uniforms. The only mistake I made on the tour was accidentally walking into the boys washroom/toilets thinking it was the girls! And there was a huge sign at the entrance saying “BOYS”! That was embarrassing! But we met the teachers we would have and they were really nice.



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