The A to Z Page

With the help of our latest guests, a quick and fun look at what is so different, frustrating and downright wonderful about our new home…

Awesome: the most overworked word in Canada;

Bears: not just in the woods, but on the lawn and in the compost bin;

And in the pool...






Chinese food: not found a good one yet… but we’ll keep trying!

Dumpster divers: not just tramps, but an important recycling service;

Eh: the most overworked exclamation in Canada;

Flag ladies: employed to direct traffic around roadworks; upset them at your peril!

Guns: not too visible, but there are plenty around;

Hockey: is Ice Hockey and it’s the National Sport – get into it!

Inukshuk: if we didn’t know what it was before the Olympics, we all know now – look it up.

Knickers: I still cannot get used to calling trousers pants without giggling, and my friends and colleagues can’t hear me say trousers without giggling.

Lube jobs: Jiffy Lube is still the funniest company name, even if our neighbours don’t get the joke.

Math: Sorry, I know it’s annoying but there is no S at the end.

Nanaimo: just one of the many place names we found impossible to pronounce. Coquihalla, Ucluelet and Coquitlam also stumped us.

Oo: used in words like aboot, hoose and, obviously, moose.

Plugs: silly low voltage, flimsy 2-pin plugs and not enough sockets.

Rick Hansen: The Man In Motion, National Hero and Treasure, motivational speaker – why is this man not Prime Minister?

Skunks: the most terrifying of all the wildlife we have met so far. 

Tim Hortons: National chain of coffee and donut shops – try the Timbits.

Washroom: not the loo, the toilet, the WC or the bathroom.

Zed: Not Zee like those chappies over the border.



  1. Chinese – try Yan’s Garden off North Rd and Lougheed. We go there and have been going there for years! It was the original home of “Wok with Yan”.

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